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Rose Colarossi
Empowering Your Life & Business

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On a mission to help empower women to live their greatness and reach the levels of success and happiness they desire.

TransformingHER Mind

Releasing Negative Emotions and Limiting Beliefs.

Anxiety, Fear, Feeling Stuck, Feeling Less Than, Fear of Failure, Self-sabotage, Chronic Procrastination, Anger, Sadness, Hurt, Bitterness, Not Reaching Your Goals... can be released in 6 sessions or less.

I am a Certified Facilitator of a patented visualization process created by a woman, designed specifically for a woman's brain. Creatrix® is a QUICK, GENTLE and EFFECTIVE answer for women.

I am also a Certified Aroma Freedom Technique Facilitator and I utilize various emotional release techniques in order to get you the best results possible.

Scroll down to read and watch my client testimonials. This is about quick long-lasting results!

A mind that releases limiting beliefs, will have a positive effect on your self-esteem, self-worth; your relationships and your business!

TransformingHER Business

If you are looking to start a business or bring your business to the next level, I can help. As a multi-business owner/entrepreneur and a business strategist, I will help you utilize various tools and techniques to scale your business.

I have written a book on Successful Business Networking. Network Like A Millioniare gives practical tips and tools acquired after observing thousands of people network over a ten year period. I offer a 6-week group coaching, 1 day masterminds and 1-on-1 intensives helping business owners/entrpreneurs utilize business networking to scale their business as I did during one of the worst economic downfalls, coupled by internet credit card fraud.

Utilizing another set of eyes and a shift in your mindset will help scale your business!
TranformingHER Circle - A Private FB Community

We all need to learn from and share with other like-minded women in a safe and non-judgemental forum. Come join us as we talk everything business, life and home.

One of the areas we are addressing is the whole Mind/Space (or home) Connection, and after many of my clients expressed their frustration in trying to decluttter, I put together a free 31-week Declutter Plan that focuses on progress and not perfection. In addition, we will address if and when you begin to feel overwhelmed, stressed and anxious! Get easy tools and techniques to use not only to de-clutter your HOME but also push through those negative feelings so that you can successfully transform your home!

A de-cluttered Home will translate into a calmer, more peacefulHome and Mind ... and will allow time for you to enjoy your life and those around you.


How Can Rose Help You?

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