Rose Colarossi

REady to Make a difference?

What is My Purpose?

“My 20+ Years as a Multi-Business Owner/Entrepreneur, Business & Life Strategist, Mindset Coach, Networking Specialist, Yoga Teacher, Radio Show Host, Author, Inspirational Speaker and Retreat Host are all stepping stones and a part of my purpose of helping people achieve rapid transformation in business and in life! I show my clients their awesomeness and help them achieve higher levels of success in Life & Business!

I am here to help you Transform your Life & Business! “

“Understanding the struggles that entrepreneurs and women endure gives me insight to help, inspire and motivate from the stage …. right to your sessions and retreats!”

Products and Services


TransformingHER is a community built for women by a woman. We all need to learn from and share with other like-minded women in a safe and non-judgmental forum. Come join us as we talk everything business, life and home.

Networking Like A millionaire

Networking can be frustrating, It involves time , money, and energy and most people do not know how to network efficiently or effectively.

After 10 years of Facilitating a Networking Group in Dallas and observing over 7,000 people, I not only tripled my net worth, I began teaching and speaking to people about effective networking.

After teaching hundreds of business owners and salespeople how to network effectively and gain results, I have written a soon-to-be released book entitled, Networking Like A Millionaire. In addition, I offer 1 day Intensives and online group coaching . If you are not getting the results you want, you should definitely check these out!

“Networking is NOT dead. We network no matter where we are and no matter who we are talking with. Everyone you meet knows someone who needs your product or service!” Rose Colarossi


We must disconnect in order to connect to our higher selves. ‘

Understanding the importance of learning new insights into ourselves and our business, allows us to  return to our businesses and our families recharged, energized and renewed mentally, spiritually and physically. Our productivity and our sales are reflective.   “We must put our oxygen masks on first in order to fully be able to take care of our businesses and those around us”

As an added bonus, I am a certified yoga instructor, so gently yoga and meditation is offered at each retreat!



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