What if I told you I could help you transform and release unsupportive and unconscious programming and negative emotions such as anxiety, anger, sadness, self-doubt, feeling stuck, Imposter Syndrome, anger, physical symptoms and more?  It’s true!   

I am certified in a patented process created by a woman, specifically designed for a woman’s brain that incorporates the science of Epigenetics. This science has discovered that we pass down all our traumas in our life through our DNA to our children and their children, just like the color of your eyes. It also means you inherited your ancestors negative feelings and beliefs.

Imagine being completely free of these unwanted negative emotions, thoughts, behaviors, physical symptoms and beliefs that you have been carrying around all your life. Naturopathic Doctors refer their patients to me knowing their patients will be able to release stuck emotions in 6 Sessions or less!

Are You Ready to Release Whatever is Holding You Back in Your Relationships? Health? Happiness? Success?

I Help Women around the world, conveniently conducting sessions over Zoom so they can stay in the comfort of their own home. Women who are truly ready for change, who have tried to remedy their issues and either the methods didn’t work or were not long lasting. I help them Identify and Release Stress and Negative Emotions that are causing emotional, relational, monetary and physical distress.

We all have limiting beliefs that manifest as the above negative emotions, thinking or behavior. Not sure what is going on but you are not where you want to be in life, with regard to your health, relationships or success? Schedule a Blocker Identifier Session and we will see if we can uncover the root cause.

Watch Testimonials from My Clients:


” We all carry baggage around that stops us from being our best self. It could be something from 20 years ago that is holding us back from reaching and achieving our goals. This process unlocked those doors for me and I didn’t even have to leave my home. Actually, I think I was in my PJ’s! Rose Colarossi and I had our sessions over Skype. Ladies reach out to Rose … she is awesome and this process really works, and it is a helluva lot cheaper than therapy and wine! “

~ Catherine Hauter, New Jersey

Catherine Hauter, New Jersey

“Rose is a passionate, caring professional who is committed to helping women everywhere to release the emotional blocks that weigh us down every day. As a leader and trainer, Rose is sincere, knowledgeable and supportive. Her joy and encouragement for our breakthroughs and successes were testaments to her character. Thank you, Rose, for enriching my life both personally and professionally.”

– Kim F., Australia

Kim F., Australia

“Rose really is the real deal! I recently had the privilege of experiencing Rose’s professional yet personal way of connecting with women, and saw firsthand how she really is changing lives. she is an authentic, truly loving facilitator who is brilliant at what she does. So, if you need someone who can get you on the path to awesome then cross my heart-you need her!”

~Susan Noyes, Australia

Susan Noyes, Australia

“Rose, thank you so much for being the genuine, caring professional that you are. Your passion, knowledge and motivational guidance was so very inspiring. I really appreciated your warm and encouraging approach as a trainer and just love the enthusiasm you have for Creatrix®. You certainly know your stuff and it was an absolute honour to meet you and have you cheerlead me through the various breakthroughs and successes I experienced. What an amazing woman!”

~ Elizabeth Marsden, Australia

Elizabeth Marsden, Australia

” I cannot believe the difference this has made in my life. It is incredible!!!! It was quick, easy and so calming. I loved that I did it from the comfort of my own home. Issues that I have not been able to free myself of for over 30 years are gone! There were even issues I did not realize were holding me back that surfaced and this process completely cleared them. I have tried self-help books, counseling, you name it. This is different. This works and it lasts! Thank you Rose.”

~ Louise M., Vermont

Louise M., Vermont

    I believe that knowledge should be shared! I am constantly learning to better my practices to help others and learning to grow into the best version of me everyday. I will share my knowledge with you on self development matters, as well as invite you to tune into my podcast where I will be featuring others in different topics to provide: Hope Through Conversations! ⬇️
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