My passion and my purpose is to help a woman recognize HER strengths, to help HER release her negative thoughts, negative emotions, fears and struggles so that she can reach higher levels of HAPPINESS and SUCCESS.    I want to help HER recognize her God-given talents and overall awesomeness.  I want every woman to be able to be bold and empowered whether in life and/or business in order for HER to follow HER dreams, recognize HER worth and find HER passion and purpose!

This is my passion.  This is my purpose.  It would be an honor and a privilege to be a part of your transformation.  I truly believe that EVERY woman deserves Creatrix®.  It will truly SET YOU FREE! 

Reach out and let’s see if this is right for you!


Rose xx

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” I had my first session with this Amazing Woman and what she had me
set forward in my mindset, what I spoke OUT LOUD! What I believed
to come into fruition was absolutely unbelievable for me! The next day
my Session was a Reality!  My goal, my intention actually was fulfilled just 1 day later!!! Unreal! Rose Colarossi is Highly Recommend By Me!
Rose is God Sent, I Love Her! Supremely Endorsed⭐️ “

Stephanie Pelton, Director, MS Society
Mckinney, TX

Stephanie Pelton, Director, MS Society  Mckinney, TX

” As life events happen to us, it is easy to move forward & only deal with part of the issue. However, we all know that those emotions & thoughts never truly go away. Rose takes you through a seamless process that helps you release unresolved emotions & issues without having to relive the actual event. Rose’s passion & dedication is evident in everything that she does. She will put you at ease & allow you to move forward in your life without all the extra baggage. I highly recommend that you contact her today & get started. Remember you can’t pour from an empty cup, taking care of yourself is vital. “

~ Kat Norwood, Texas

Kat Norwood, Texas

” I cannot believe the difference this has made in my life. It is incredible!!!! It was quick, easy and so calming. I loved that I did it from the comfort of my own home. Issues that I have not been able to free myself of for over 30 years are gone! There were even issues I did not realize were holding me back that surfaced and this process completely cleared them. I have tried self-help books, counseling, you name it. This is different. This works and it lasts! Thank you Rose.”

~ Louise M., Vermont

Louise M., Vermont

“Rose really is the real deal! I recently had the privilege of experiencing Rose’s professional yet personal way of connecting with women, and saw firsthand how she really is changing lives. she is an authentic, truly loving facilitator who is brilliant at what she does. So, if you need someone who can get you on the path to awesome then cross my heart-you need her!”

~Susan Noyes, Australia

Susan Noyes, Australia

“Rose I never thought that I could get past my issues of guilt and trauma. I tried so many other modalities and nothing hit the spot like like
Creatrix® did! Thank You for helping me release so much emotional
baggage, I will me forever grateful for my sessions! Since our sessions
last November, I have noticed a massive change in myself! Thank you”

~ Rania Ditsas, Australia

Rania Ditsas, Australia