Rose Speaks


I genuinely believe that there is Hope through Conversations.  In fact, I founded and hosted a radio show by that same name and I am in the process of writing a book by that same name. 

I believe all our experiences are stepping stones to where we are in life and business and I believe in sharing them in an effort to help other people. Hearing my struggles and successes sometimes allows them to realize they are not alone or that they are not "the only one" going through a particular situation or struggle and in turn, gives them hope.  

I love speaking to any type group;  Corporations, Networking Groups, Women's Groups, Mom’s Groups, Women’s Organizations, Female Entrepreneurs Networking, , Church Groups .... any type of group where there are women and  I would be honored to speak to your group. 

Below are a few of the topics I have spoken about.  If you don't see exactly what you're looking for, message me and let's schedule a time to chat about what you envision for your event or group. I will tailor a dynamic presentation to match your needs.



  • Female SUCCE$$ Secrets

  • Networking For Success

  • The Female Factor - A tool for success & happiness

  • The Power of YOUR Presence

  • The Importance of Healthy Boundaries

  • Why "Me" Time is So Important (and How to Find More of it)

  • The one dirty word that all women need to start using more

  • How Negative and False beliefs are Like Computer Viruses

  • Get out of your head and out of your way

  • I Feel Stuck - Now What

  • The Power of Prayer

  • What your beLIEfS are doing to sabotage your success & happiness 

  • Women Who Are Overwhelmed

  • Are You Struggling? You are not alone

  • The Importance of Your Circle of Empowerment

  • Are You Being Your Authentic Self

  • How to feel like yourself again

  • Give Rose a topic ... and she will put together a talk for your group or company that will be both informative and engaging!


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