Female Tri-Factor Reference Card


Let’s talk about your Female Factor and utilizing the knowledge behind it to help you elevate your personal and professional life!

Most women do NOT realize that there is an advantage to tracking their cycle with regards to scheduling speaking events, asking for a raise, hiring people, etc.  Well, There is! This is a GAME CHANGER!

There are many of us who once a month want to simply crawl into bed and pull the covers over our heads.  Ladies … that is NORMAL! What is NOT normal, is not EMBRACING that your bodies go through changes weekly. 

By tracking our moods, physical conditions, etc., we can then forecast when we are at our best so we can schedule our business and personal life accordingly.  There are also foods and exercise recommended for every week of the month.

It is time to embrace the ebbs and flows of our lives.  We are built differently.  There is more to our bodies than a 20-minute video shown in school.  We have lived in a male dominated world too long and we must take control and understand our bodies, emotions and minds!

Watch the video below supplied by Glamour.

Imagine that we have all been educated by a 1 hour video simply showing us the physical changes that our reproductive system in going through once a month.  What about the other three weeks when our bodies are going through change?

Remembering that we have been living in a man’s world, we need to take charge and educate ourselves!

I put together The Female Tri-Factor reference card here for all of my VIP Clients that attended my Female Tri-Factor Workshop. 

If The Female Tri-Factor reference card resonates with you, feel free to access The Female Tri-Factor Workshop for only $19.  It also includes a BONUS tracker form for you to use. Why so inexpensive?  I want every woman to understand how she can utilize her Female Factor to better her life and business! To get the Female Tri-Factor Workshop, click here! Remember, knowledge is power!