It is simply the name of the company in which I help to empower women. Transforming because the modalities I am certified in create a true Transformation in my clients and the HER stands for H.ealed E.mpowered R.estored.

Now yes, I predominantly work with women, but I do work with men as well, utilizing Aroma Freedom Technique whether one-on-one or in a group/corporate setting.

I am a woman’s woman and more importantly, a woman of faith. I believe that every woman deserves to be happy, healthy and successful and I often see just the opposite. After 20 years of working with women as a business strategist and coach, limiting beliefs – the root cause of negative thinking and emotions – was consistently getting in the way of true happiness, health and abundance for my clients. It frustrated me so that I dove into the personal development and psychology world and became trained and certified in multiple modalities to help my clients at the root cause!

The modalities/techniques that I am certified in create amazing Transformation thus Transforming each woman (man, or child) which in turn Heals, Empowers and Restores – TransformingHER!

Whether I am speaking or writing about various subjects to help empower women, conducting workshops or retreats, having healing sessions or teaching yoga – the theme remains: We were all created for a purpose and to live a life of great happiness, health, relationships and abundance. It is past trauma or other people’s filters and/or false perceptions that get in the way. I simply help you to remove those so that you can move forward confidently to achieve the life you were designed to live! It’s already inside you – you just need someone to help you sort it out!


Schedule a 15 minute consult or a 45 minute Blocker Identifier Call with Rose Today and Start Living the Life that You Desire!


H.ealed E.mpowered R.estored.

“You Can Always Tell Who The Strong Women Are, They Are The Ones Building One Another Up Rather Than Tearing Each Other Down”

I have put together a Facebook Group for Women who understand the importance of personal development. Women who understand that everything begins with mindset. A group of women who understand the important of surrounding themselves with like-minded women to share, support and grow with one another.

I hope you will come join us! It’s FREE so why wouldn’t you 🙂

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