How Rose Helps Others

Written Testimonials

“It can be a simple convo with your amazing nail tech that shows you just how far you have come when you have experienced the deepest depths of despair for a significant number of years...

Ann (amazing nail tech): I have many clients that have the name Sherri.

Me: Are they all about my age? It was a popular name back in the 60s.

Ann (amazing nail tech): Yes, but you are always so happy, a real happy. The other Sherri’s are kind of moody.... you’re my favorite Sherri!

It was a simple convo but her emphasis on “a real happy” that kind of stuck with me and she’s right. I often find myself with a smile for no reason and even when I’m physically feel rough, there is still a blanket of bliss around me. It took loads of work, deep diving and later, sessions with Rose Colarossi and it was worth it. Nice to be reminded that you are happy, it brings even more happiness! Thank you Rose Colarossi!”

~ Sherri C., Dallas, TX

"I cannot believe the difference this has made in my life. It is incredible!!!! It was quick, easy and so calming. I loved that I did it from the comfort of my own home. Issues that I have not been able to free myself of for over 30 years are gone! There were even issues I did not realize were holding me back that surfaced and this process completely cleared them. I have tried self-help books, counseling, you name it. This is different. This works and it lasts! Thank you Rose."

~ Louise M., Vermont

"We all carry baggage around that stops us from being our best self. It could be something from 20 years ago that is holding us back from reaching and achieving our goals. This process unlocked those doors for me and I didn’t even have to leave my home. Actually, I think I was in my PJ’s! Rose Colarossi and I had our sessions over Skype. Ladies reach out to Rose … she is awesome and this process really works, and it is a helluva lot cheaper than therapy and wine!"

~ Catherine H., New Jersey

"Where have you been my whole life? I have been carrying around issues and beliefs that have caused me nothing but anxiety and heartache. I feel free for the first time in my life! Free to be the “me” that I was mean to be. The difference my family has seen in me has been incredible. My relationship with my children and my husband is better than it has ever been. My business is flourishing and I am doing things I never thought possible. Thank you so much Rose. Every woman should put a hold on purchasing that designer handbag, shoes or whatever it is she is going to spend money on and invest in herself first. I am so glad that I did!"

~ Karen M., Michigan

"As life events happen to us, it is easy to move forward & only deal with part of the issue. However, we all know that those emotions & thoughts never truly go away. Rose takes you through a seamless process that helps you release unresolved emotions & issues without having to relive the actual event. Rose’s passion & dedication is evident in everything that she does. She will put you at ease & allow you to move forward in your life without all the extra baggage. I highly recommend that you contact her today & get started. Remember you can’t pour from an empty cup, taking care of yourself is vital."

~ Kat N., Texas

Kat Before

Kat Before

Kat After

Kat After


"Since my time with Rose, my life has truly blossomed!! I have blossomed. I no longer live in fear of the what if's and I am now truly present in my life. I am no longer in fight or flight nor am I the victim. I am in control of my life, I am taking sole responsibility for my happiness and I am free as a bird, living a life I love. Your caring nature and your passion is a blessing Rose."

~ Crystal W., Australia

I had my first session with this Amazing Woman and what she had me 
set forward in my mindset, what I spoke OUT LOUD! What I believed 
to come into fruition was absolutely unbelievable for me! The next day
 my Session was a Reality!  My goal, my intention actually was fulfilled — 1 day later!!! Unreal! Rose Colarossi is Highly Recommend By Me!
Rose is God Sent, I Love Her! Supremely Endorsed⭐️

Stephanie P., Director, MS Society 
Mckinney, TX

I have learned more about myself working with Rose over a two month period than I have in 48 years. Every woman should jump at the opportunity to work with her. She is incredibly knowledgeably, shares her personal struggles and triumphs and has helped me uncover and release issues from my childhood that clearly have been affecting every aspect of my life unbeknownst to me previously. I feel lighter, brighter and ready to take on the world. Thank you Rose!⭐️

Eileen S. , Canada

Video Testimonials

"Rose, thank you so much for being the genuine, caring professional that you are. Your passion, knowledge and motivational guidance was so very inspiring. I really appreciated your warm and encouraging approach as a trainer and just love the enthusiasm you have for Creatrix®. You certainly know your stuff and it was an absolute honour to meet you and have you cheerlead me through the various breakthroughs and successes I experienced. What an amazing woman!"

~ Elizabeth M., Australia

"Rose really is the real deal! I recently had the privilege of experiencing Rose's professional yet personal way of connecting with women, and saw firsthand how she really is changing lives. she is an authentic, truly loving facilitator who is brilliant at what she does. So, if you need someone who can get you on the path to awesome then cross my heart-you need her!"

~Susan N., Australia


Eliminating Limiting Beliefs Holding You Back

Do you ever feel stuck? Do you experience any of the following: anxiety, stress, worry, chronic procrastination, feeling not good enough, self-sabotage, fear of failure, free of endless mind chatter, and more?  These negative emotions are the result of limiting beliefs and they are holding you back!

“I am on a mission to help women find Perspective, Passion, and Purpose. I want you to be happier and more successful! After working with female entrepreneurs for over two decades, it was more often than not, negative emotions and limiting beliefs that were getting in their way of greater happiness and success.”

I have incorporated techniques and tools to help women become free of those negative emotions and limiting beliefs.

Certified in CREATRIX® - A Deep Dive, Quick & Long-lasting Patented Technique for Women.

The only modality created by a woman, designed specifically for a woman’s brain. Creatrix® has 150 Facilitators in 5 countries, and thousands of our clients are having incredible results.  I have been utilizing this technique with my clients and the results have been nothing less than amazing!

Identify your triggers. Break behavior and thinking patterns not serving your highest good.

As a Business Strategist turned Mindset & Stress Coach, specializing in rapid transformation for Women, I will help you eliminate the negative emotions that are holding you back from greater happiness and success!

So What Exactly Makes This Different and Effective?

1. Gender Specific. It is the ONLY modality created by a woman, designed specifically for a woman’s brain.

2. Head, Heart & Gut are all taken into account. A lot of modalities will work on one or the other. You must have all three areas addressed at the same time, moving in the same direction.

3. Reciprocity. When you take out the negative, false and limiting beliefs, you have to put something back in. You have to fill the old thoughts, patterns, beliefs with something new or the old thoughts, patterns, beliefs will come back.

4. Epigenetics. This modality was designed around the science of epigenetics. Science is proving that we inherit more than just our looks from previous generations. This modality deals with past traumas, beliefs, etc. gently and without any trauma.

5. Holistic/safe. It is the safest modality because you do NOT have to relive trauma. You do not go into the pain of it. You feel relaxed and calm.

6. Your learnings are coming from within, from you. It is not someone telling you to be happy and to believe in yourself. That simply does not work long-term. Negative self-talk returns. All other modalities come from the outside. THIS COMES FROM YOU! This is your own self-talk and learnings. This taps into what you already know. It is coming from within and it ripples out. That is why we say that everything you need is already inside of you!

At the end of the day … it is all about results. It worked for me, works on my clients and has helped thousands of women around the world with facilitators in 5 countries.

  • YOU will gently reprogram YOUR limiting, false and negative beliefs so that you can move forward!

  • You will NOT need to re-tell your story or re-live any trauma. It is NOT counseling. It is quick paced because we do not have time to waste!

  • You will have a new sense of self-worth and find renewed joy and focus on yourself, your relationships and your business.

  • Facilitated over Skype or Zoom so you can remain in the comfort of your own home or office.

  • Sessions are 90 minutes, once a week - for 6 weeks! This is Rapid Transformation for Women!

If any of this resonates with you … If you are ready to move forward and get rid of whatever it is that is holding you back … Take action and sign up today! 

NOTE: Due to the fact that Rose personally facilitates all live sessions, she can only accomodate 8 clients every 6 weeks. Therefore, there is a good chance you may be put on a waiting list. Do not wait, act now. You will be glad you did!


Utilizing the power of scent to gently shift awareness away from negative thoughts, feelings, and memories, and to initiate a positive outlook and attitude and action. This results in greater confidence and inner freedom. When we are no longer stuck in negative mindsets, we are free to create the life we desire.

This technique is fantastic for sales teams who want to set a specific goal and the leader who realizes that EVERYONE as limiting beliefs. It is facilitated over Zoom and everyone writes down their limiting beliefs so it is private.


Rose has paired the power of AFT with her Vision Board Workshops to clear any limiting beliefs about the vision my clients have put in place. It is vision board making on steroids! Did you know that most athletes, olympic athletes, corporate executives and influencers utilize visualization and vision boards? It is proven that what your mind sees, it begins to search. Try making a vision board using Rose’s technique of utilizing AFT and see where life and business takes you!