HER Home; Decluttered

“Tidying Up” is a great new show on Netflix. It is all about Marie Kondo and her book Tidying Up in which she tackles the process of decluttering one’s home.  This is a great book and a great show.   I absolutely love her and her show.


However, reading a book or watching a show is one thing; taking action and completing the task is another.  Often, with all good intentions we want to de-clutter our homes only to have life happen, negative self-talk or what I call, Mind Clutter occur, and we have negative feelings of overwhelm, defeat or anxiety creep in and sabotage our efforts.


I struggled with clutter for years. I love a clean space but I have a creative brain and things tend to end up all over the place.   It was not until I started studying The Mind/Space Clutter Connection that I could put a tangible, achievable plan in place for myself and others. 

In trying to help empower women who are struggling in this area, I offer a FREE 31-Week TransformingHER Home De-Clutter Plan on my Private Facebook Page.  Week-by-Week we tackle a different Space in our homes and then support and encourage one another along the way in a safe, non-judgmental forum.  I also address the negative self-talk or that mind chatter that comes up and offer up tools and techniques to help you.  Come be encouraged and encourage those around you as we Transform our Homes!

In addition, I hold workshops and I work with clients 1-on-1 who simple need the 1-on-1 accountability and help to get their HOME Decluttered. Whether in-person or over Skype/Zoom. 

We all need help, especially if something is not in our wheelhouse.  Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, hoping to get a different outcome.

I help you from a place of non-judgement, understanding and wanting to help you achieve results.  I help you find inexpensive and tangible ways to De-Clutter and stay De-cluttered in your home so that you can have more time, more energy and happiness for yourself and your family.  I hope to be a part of Your Home Transformation!


If you are dealing with any other limiting beliefs, we can work on that as well.  I have been where you are.    I Facilitate a patented visualization process created by a woman, designed specifically for a woman's brain. It is a QUICK, GENTLE and EFFECTIVE SOLUTION that does NOT take months or years ... it takes sessions. It does NOT require you to retell your life story or relive any trauma. It is gentle yet effective!

Anxiety, Fear, Feeling Stuck, Feeling Less Than, Fear of Failure, Self-sabotage, Chronic Procrastination, Anger, Sadness, Hurt, Bitterness, Not Reaching Your Goals... can be released in 6 sessions or less.

Come Join my group as we Gently and Lovingly Clear the Clutter in Your Space and Your Mind!