“ It can be a simple convo with your amazing nail tech that shows you just how far you have come when you have experienced the deepest depths of despair for a significant number of years…

Ann (amazing nail tech): I have many clients that have the name Sherri.

Me: Are they all about my age? It was a popular name back in the 60s.

Ann (amazing nail tech): Yes, but you are always so happy, a real happy. The other Sherri’s are kind of moody…. you’re my favorite Sherri!

It was a simple convo but her emphasis on “a real happy” that kind of stuck with me and she’s right. I often find myself with a smile for no reason and even when I’m physically feel rough, there is still a blanket of bliss around me. It took loads of work, deep diving and later, sessions with Rose Colarossi and it was worth it. Nice to be reminded that you are happy, it brings even more happiness! Thank you Rose Colarossi! ”

~ Sherri C., Dallas, TX