Rose Speaks


I genuinely believe that there is Hope through Conversations.  In fact, I founded and hosted a radio show by that same name. 

I believe all our experiences are stepping stones to where we are in life and business and I believe in sharing them in an effort to help other people. Hearing my struggles and successes sometimes allows them t realize they are not alone or that they are not "the only one" going through a particular situation or struggle and hopefully will give them hope that if they are steadfast, this too shall pass.  

I love speaking to any type group;  Corporations, Networking Groups, Women's Groups, Mom’s Groups, Women’s Organizations, Female Entrepreneurs Networking, , Church Groups .... any type of group where there are women and  I would be honored to speak to your group. 

Below are a few of the topics I have spoken about.  If you don't see exactly what you're looking for, message me and let's schedule a time to chat about what you envision for your event or group. I will tailor a dynamic presentation to match your needs.



  • Female SUCCE$$ Secrets

  • Networking That Yields Results

  • The Female Factor - A tool for success & happiness

  • The Power of YOUR Presence

  • Healthy Boundaries and their importance

  • Why "Me" Time is So Important (and How to Find More of it)

  • The one dirty word that all women need to start using more

  • How Negative and False beliefs are Like Computer Viruses

  • Get out of your head and out of your way

  • I Feel Stuck - Now What

  • The Power of Prayer

  • What your beLIEfS are doing to sabotage your success & happiness 

  • Women Who Are Overwhelmed

  • Are You Struggling? You are not alone

  • The Importance of Your Circle of Empowerment

  • Are You Being Your Authentic Self

  • How to feel like yourself again

  • Give Rose a topic ... and she will put together a talk for your group or company that will be both informative and engaging!


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