Understanding Yourself and Others


The DISC measures observable behaviors and emotions.  Just as the speed in which we talk is different, our behavior, our styles are different.  Some people are outgoing, and some are shy.  Some people are very detail-oriented and others see the big picture and details bore them.

I encourage you to read about Dr. William Marston’s DISC model and familiarize yourself with the four fundamental styles of people: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness.  The “types” or “styles” of people are directional.  Some people will be strong in one area or they may be strong in two or three.  Understanding our differences allows us to understand and communicate more effectively and thus build trust and relationships.


UPLAST! A new word and acronym created by Rose Colarossi to help her clients

ESTABLISH AND MAINTAIN HEALTHY BOUNDARIES! The word Up means toward the sky or a higher/greater position. The word last means to endure. UPLAST means to last longer or endure while moving to a higher/greater position!

“I believe setting and maintaining healthy boundaries will allow sustainability and a greater position in self, business, and relationships leading to greater success & happiness overall.” Rose Colarossi


Plaid Conversations for Women

Topic: Healthy Boundaries for Your Business & Life
May 10, 2018

50-Minute Interview!

The Entrepreneur Way

by Neil Ball

Episode 753: When You Love What You Do It Doesn’t Feel like You’re Working  Rose Colarossi Founder and Owner Transforming Her

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12 Minute Convos

By Engel Jones

Episode 1924:  Rose Colarossi is a successful Coach and Consultant for women

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