Red Balloon Technique

Our minds are incredibly powerful. If you are struggling with limiting beliefs, there are visualization methods you can use such as the Red Balloon Technique to get a little relief in the moment. I use a similar Visualization Technique in my work with women.

Once you have incorporated The Red Balloon Technique into your daily life for a few days, touch base with me and let me know what you think!


If you are dealing with any other limiting beliefs, we can work on that as well.  I have been where you are.    I Facilitate a patented visualization process created by a woman, designed specifically for a woman's brain. It is a QUICK, GENTLE and EFFECTIVE SOLUTION that does NOT take months or years ... it takes sessions. It does NOT require you to retell your life story or relive any trauma. It is gentle yet effective!

Anxiety, Fear, Feeling Stuck, Feeling Less Than, Fear of Failure, Self-sabotage, Chronic Procrastination, Anger, Sadness, Hurt, Bitterness, Not Reaching Your Goals... can be released in 6 sessions or less.

Come Join my group as we Gently and Lovingly Clear the Clutter in Your Space and Your Mind!