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5 Steps to Overcome Being Overwhelmed

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Female Succe$$ Secrets Reference Card

Do you ever feel as though you are a hamster on a wheel? Are you working so hard to start or grow your business, wearing many different hats and truly trying to stay focused, but you are still not where you want to be personally or professionally?

Are you overwhelmed at home with your children?

YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I have been there and so have many of my clients … but NOT ANY MORE!

For my VIP Clients, I created The Female Success SECRETS workshop. Using the word SECRETS as an acronym, I identified key areas that women were struggling with in both their personal and professional lives.

As a quick reference for my clients, I put together The Female Success SECRETS Reference Card.

I would love for you to have this for yourself! Download it by clicking the button on the right!

Female Tri-Factor Reference Card

Most women do NOT realize that there is an advantage to tracking their cycle with regards to scheduling speaking events, asking for a raise, hiring people, etc.  Well, There is. This is a GAME CHANGER!

There are many of us who once a month want to simply crawl into bed and pull the covers over our heads.  Ladies … that is NORMAL! What is NOT normal, is not EMBRACING that your bodies go through changes weekly. 

By tracking our moods, physical conditions, etc., we can then forecast when we are at our best so we can schedule our business and personal life accordingly.  There are also foods and exercise recommended for every week of the month.

It is time to embrace the ebbs and flows of our lives.  We are built differently.  There is more to our bodies than a 20-minute video shown in school.  We have lived in a male dominated world too long and we must take control and understand our bodies, emotions and minds!

I put together The Female Tri-Factor reference card here for all of my VIP Clients that attended my Female Tri-Factor Workshop

I would love for you to access a free copy of that by downloading it to the right and as a bonus you will receive a free cycle tracker!

Every woman should be tracking her cycle and yes, we have a cycle for the rest of our lives. Our physical and emotional cycle should be tracked and used as a tool to better equip ourselves for life, relationships and business!

Free Personality Test!

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How Not to Take on Other People’s Negative Energy

Many times, we take on other people’s emotions and thoughts but do not know why. And for those of us that are empaths, this can be even more challenging. The problem is that when we are finished absorbing other people's negative talk or energy, they walk away feeling better and we are now weighed down with all their negativity. Many times that negative energy surfaces in the form of physical ailments.

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The Red Balloon Technique

Our minds are incredibly powerful. If you are struggling with anxiety, anger, overwhelm … any emotion that is not serving you; there are visualization methods you can use such as the Red Balloon Technique to get a little relief in the moment. Of course if you want a deep-dive into clearing out all your negative emotions and limiting beliefs, I offer a 6 session format. I hope this helps transform your life in some way!

Understanding Yourself and Others

The DISC measures observable behaviors and emotions.  Just as the speed in which we talk is different, our behavior, our styles are different.  Some people are outgoing, and some are shy.  Some people are very detail-oriented and others see the big picture and details bore them. 

I discuss the DISC profile in more detail in my book, Network Like A Millionaire due to release in Fall 2019. Are you an Outgoing and Task-oriented person? Do you have Inspiring and Interactive behaviors? Are you reserved and people-oriented, do you have more cautious and careful behaviors. Your behavior style may reveal a lot in terms of your relationships, business style, success level, etc.

Forming Healthy Boundaries

A new word and acronym created by Rose Colarossi to help her clients ESTABLISH AND MAINTAIN HEALTHY BOUNDARIES!