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Hope Through Conversations with Women of Faith~ You are Not Alone

As you know, God often uses our life experiences to build our faith and empower us to encourage others. As women, we often think we are the only ones going through a particular storm or struggle.  It is why I believe our stories need to be shared. If one of our stories, can help just one woman, we have succeeded. However, I believe together, our stories can help a multitude of women and give them hope.

I have seen the impact of women listening to another woman’s story of struggle and triumph at my church and at Tres Dias. Our stories need to be shared at a greater level so that more women are given hope and brought to Christ. 

If you think your story is not good enough —you are mistaken. If you think you need to be an incredible writer — that is not so. We are making this very easy for you because YOUR STORY needs to be shared! YOUR STORY MATTERS!

Below are the topics that you can choose to write about it. Of course, other topics can be used as well. If you story or testimony includes several topics, that is of course fine.

This series will be called, Hope Through Conversations with Women of Faith You are Not Alone.

Submissions will be due by August 1st. The cost to produce this book is only $297 per author.

  1. If you want to participate simply fill-in the information below.

  2. You will then be sent an invoice.

  3. Once payment is received, you will be sent an email with really easy instructions, including an easy form to fill-in along with your word count.

    which can easily be tracked by typing or dictating into a Microsoft Word document.

  4. You will be accepted into a Private Facebook Group for this publication for learnings and encouragement from me and your fellow authors.

  5. Once your chapter has been submitted on or before August 1, 2019, you will receive a form to fill out to tell people a little bit about you. If you are married, a mom, what you do for a living, your hobbies, etc. Just something that the audience will enjoy once they have read your chapter. It makes it a bit more personalized. If you want to simply use an initial for your last name, we can certainly do so.

  6. Next, you will receive an edited copy of your chapter for review. You can make up to 3 minor changes and then back it must be returned within 48 hours so that the changes can be incorporated and the book can be sent to the publisher. It would be fantastic if we could get these published in time for Christmas!

  7. As an author, you receive 10 books after publication. You will also be able to purchase books at a discounted price to; gift them, re-sell them, use as a fundraiser for your church, a woman’s event, etc.  I personally will be donating 20% of any monies I make to my Christian Communities in Action.

The purpose of this book is to bless women, not to win a literary prize.  If you sit down and pray over this, God will use you as an instrument and do the writing for you. 

I hope you will join me as we honor God and bless women from around the world with Hope Through Conversations with Women of Faith!  Here’s to our stories, our struggles and our triumphs.

Here is a very rough draft of what the cover may look like:

HTC Book Cover.png

This is just a mock-up.

 Volume 1: Marriage
Volume 2: Parenting
Volume 3: Illness
Volume 4: Addiction
Volume 5: Healthy Boundaries
Volume 6: Forgiveness
Volume 7: Self-Esteem
Volume 8: Grief
Volume 9: Fear
Volume 10: Control
Volume 11: Friendship
Volume 12: Anger
Volume 13: Sadness
Volume 14: Pride
Volume 15: False Idols – money, etc.
Volume 16: Abuse
Volume 17: Loss
Volume 18: Divorce
Volume 19: Infidelity
Volume 20: Are you using the Talents God has Given you?
Volume 21: Working to live or living to work?
Volume 22: Abundance or Scarcity Mindset
Volume 23: Trust

Again, if you are ready to bless other women, to become an author and you want to be a part of this project, please enter your information below and you’ll be added to the mailing list and receive all of the information you will need to take the next step.

Please pray that this project stays true to what God has planned and that it blesses many. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

I am so very, very excited to be on this journey with you and cannot wait to read each and every one of your stories!


Rose xx

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