This technique allows YOU to reset your brain by releasing unnecessary thoughts, and then re-sets your heart from all the pain of the past and resets your gut instinct, all at once. In most cases, 30 days or less! No re-telling your story or revisiting any trauma and you conveniently get to remain comfortable in your home or office as I facilitate this over Skype.

Think of suppressed false and negative beliefs as you would computer viruses. You cannot see them and you may not even know they are there... but they are wreaking havoc. They surface as: anxiety, fear, depression, sadness, hurt, chronic procrastination, feeling "stuck," "not good enough, etc. Once you get rid of those suppressed false and negative beliefs, you are functioning the way you were intended to function.

“When I went through the process myself, I had no idea that a particular suppressed false belief was there. It was an amazing breakthrough that has truly set me free! My husband, children, friends and business associates all saw a difference in me. Some stated I was calmer, more at peace. I was an optimistic person to begin with, but now I do feel lighter and calmer. I am not taking on responsibility for everyone and everything. It is truly a blessing and it is something that I want to see every woman gift herself and those she loves, as it will have a ripple effect on those around her! I was so passionate that I flew across the world to be trained!"  ~Rose

With over 125 Facilitators worldwide, Rose Colarossi is the first licensed and certified by the Institute of Women International as a Creatrix® Facilitator in the United States. She returned to Australia for additional training and continues her training through on-line modules. 

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