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Hope Through Conversations, Women of Faith

As you know, God often uses our life experiences to build our faith and empower us to encourage others. As women, we often think we are the only ones going through a particular struggle.  We have seen the impact firsthand of listening to another woman’s story of struggle and triumph I believe our stories need to be shared at a greater level, in a book series, so that more women are given hope and brought to Christ. 

I want you to consider being an Author by sharing a story of struggle to triumph.  Over and over again I have been getting a nudge telling me that women’s stories/testimonies need to be shared at a greater level. However, I kept dismissing the nudge. Well, God made it very clear to me at a recent weekend that I was serving on that He wants me to take action.  

Although I have co-authored two books and I am finishing up a book of my own, I have never put together a book compilation. However, I know in my heart that God “has this” because the idea no doubt came from Him.  You see, for three years I have been putting this off because I wasn’t sure if the idea was a good one.  Have you ever done that? Thought it was your idea and not God’s? Not pursued something because you were worried what others would think?  Worried that it wouldn’t be well received? Worried that it would be too much work or out of your wheelhouse?

So, I decided to mention this idea to about a dozen women on a recent weekend I served on recently to see what the reception would be like.  They all LOVED it!  In fact, each one of them wants to participate.   I know that God put these ladies in my life to encourage me with something that He wants me to do and in order to  get me moving forward!

Below are the various topics I have come up with so far with the help of some of my sweet friends. Of course, other topics can be used as well.  Ladies, I am so very open and would greatly appreciate your suggestions for more topics. Also, this list is in no particular order.  I am going to call the series, Hope Through Conversations with Women of Faith.  If we get enough participation, we can then start various series with specific topics.    

I am going to make this process as easy as possible. 

  1. If you want to participate simply fill-in the information below.

  2. I will then send you an email with really easy instructions.  It will be a very easy form to fill out.   

  3. The word count will be given and can easily be tracked by typing or dictating into a Microsoft Word document.  

I have participated in two compilations before and it is very, very easy.  I promise. Please, do not over-think whether or not you can do this. God will handle it! When you see the form to use, you will truly see how easy it is.

I understand that some of you have stories that you do not want to or perhaps cannot share publicly.  If that is the case, we can make your story anonymous and/or use a “pen” name.  Simply let me know in your email.

We will edit your submissions for you so do not worry terribly about the grammar. The purpose of this book is to bless women, not to win a literary prize.  Honestly, if you sit down and pray over this, God will use you as an instrument and do the writing for you. 

I hope you will join me as we honor God and bless women from around the world with -- Hope Through Conversations with Women of Faith!  If there are other women that you can think of, please pass this on to them.  Again, I believe that all of our stories will give hope to so many women and hopefully bring more women to Christ. 

With each co-authoring I participated in, they had a book launch.  I am thinking of having an evening of worship and fellowship as an official book launch. You can invite your friends and family and you will be announced as an Author, take pictures with your friends and family and sign books.  It is of course not mandatory but it is truly a lot of fun!

As authors, you will be able to buy the book at a discounted price and then gift them, re-sell them, use as a fundraiser for your church, a woman’s event, etc.  I personally will be donating 20% of any monies I make.

Here is a very rough draft of what the cover may look like:

HTC Book Cover.png

Remember, the first book or two will have a variety of the following topics unless we are inundated with one particular topic and then hopefully a series of each to follow.  This is just a mock-up.

 Volume 1: Marriage
Volume 2: Parenting
Volume 3: Illness
Volume 4: Addiction
Volume 5: Healthy Boundaries
Volume 6: Forgiveness
Volume 7: Self-Esteem
Volume 8: Grief
Volume 9: Fear
Volume 10: Control
Volume 11: Friendship
Volume 12: Anger
Volume 13: Sadness
Volume 14: Pride
Volume 15: False Idols – money, etc.
Volume 16: Abuse
Volume 17: Loss
Volume 18: Divorce
Volume 19: Infidelity
Volume 20: Are you using the Talents God has Given you?
Volume 21: Working to live or living to work?
Volume 22: Abundance or Scarcity Mindset
Volume 23: Trust

 I want to make the book pretty with scripture pictures, etc.

If you are willing to be a part of this project, please enter your information below and you’ll be added to the mailing list and receive all of the information you will need to take the next step.

Again, God put this on my heart but please bear with me as I navigate this process.  I am trying to be faithful but realize that it won’t be perfect! Lol!  Some GLAM would be appreciated … Grace, Love and Mercy.  I don’t know how long it will take to finish everything but I do know it is all in God’s timing.  

Some of our friends have already offered to help, donate time, funds, editing skills, etc.  If you are interested in being a part of this as well, we would love to have you.  Pray over this and I do hope you will come along on this journey and see what God has planned! 

I am hiring a virtual assistant to help organize everything, a book cover designer, editor, marketing, etc.  There will be a spot on the form for you to decide how much you can afford if you can donate.  I do NOT want money to be an issue for you, so please put $1 if that is all you can afford.  Truly.  Also, if you can afford more, or do not want to be an author but would like to donate money, that would be appreciated as well.  Eventually I will have to charge women who want to participate at set amount, but you are one of the first to be a part of this journey!

 Please pray that this project stays true to what God has planned and that it blesses many. I am so very, very excited to be on this journey with you!

 Hugs, xx


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