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I have been asking God to lead me and reveal to me what it is He wants me to do personally and professionally.   I kept getting the following answer, “It is right in front of you.”  However, I did not understand what that meant.  That is until I was serving on SGTD #2.  God made it very clear to me that our testimonies need to be shared at a greater level so that they can bring even more women hope and hopefully bring more women to Christ. Many of you have blessed us with your stories in the form of a Rollo, during prayer times, or fellowship and as you know, God often uses our life experiences to build our faith and empower us to encourage others. 

 Instead of thinking about it or second guessing myself (God had revealed this idea to me on several prior Tres Dias weekends and I simply pushed the idea aside as a “good idea, but what do I know about publishing a book?” Hmmm …  Have you ever done that? Thought it was your idea and not God’s? Not pursued something because you were worried what others would think?  Worried that it wouldn’t be well received? I mentioned what had been placed on my heart to Lynda Dean, our Rector.  Lynda absolutely loved the idea and encouraged me to pursue the project.  Sometimes, that is all that it takes ladies.  God puts people in your life to encourage you with something that He wants you to do.

A few years ago, I founded and hosted a radio show called Hope Through Conversations because I truly believe that we gain hope through conversations with one another. We see that we are not the only one going through a particular struggle.   Going back to God telling me that it is “right in front of me”, I want to use the same name for the book series. 

 Below are the various topics I have come up with so far with the help of some of my Tres Dias Sisters who are very excited to participate in this project.  Thank you to Rachel Witherspoon and Lynda Dean for being so encouraging with regard to this project! 

 Ladies, I am so very open and would greatly appreciate your suggestions for more topics. This list is in no particular order.  The first book, Hope Through Conversations with Women of Faith will be a compilation of all different subjects.  If we get enough participation, we can then start various series with specific topics.    

 If you want to participate, I am going to make this process as easy as possible. Click the button to your right to view the submission guidelines and to submit your story. All instructions will be clearly laid out there.

I have participated in two compilations before and it is very, very easy.  I promise.

I understand that some of you have stories that you do not want to or perhaps cannot share publicly.  If that is the case, we can make your story anonymous by using a “pen” name.  

Honestly, if you sit down and pray over this, God will use you as an instrument and do the writing for you.  If you have already written a Rollo … that will work perfectly as your starting point. 

We will edit your submissions for you. The purpose of this book is to bless women, not to win a literary prize.  It is really easier than you think.  A lot of people like to simply dictate into MS WORD.  Under EDIT there is a tab labeled START DICTATION.  You click on that and simply start talking.  It is that easy!

I hope you will join me as we bless God and women from around the world with -- Hope Through Conversations with Women of Faith!  If there are other women that you can think of, please send them to this page.  Again, I believe that all of our stories will give hope to so many women and hopefully bring more women to Christ.

I will donate a percentage of book sales for women who cannot otherwise afford to attend or serve at Tres Dias.

I am hiring an administrative assistant to facilitate this project with me.  It has been suggested that I ask each future author to pay $100 to offset the cost of this project.  

However, I do not want money to deter you from sharing your story.  If this is a financial burden, but God has placed it on your heart to participate, you may choose to pay whatever you can when you submit your story on the submission page. I will make it happen.  Well, we all know God will!  If you are moved by this project and would like to donate so that someone can submit a chapter, we will be accepting donations.  Any monies left over will be donated for the book launch/church ministry and Tres Dias.  

 As authors, you will be able to buy the book at a discounted price and then gift them, re-sell them, use as a fundraiser for your church, a woman’s event, etc.  Each author will receive 5 copies of the book the night of the book launch as well as any additional books you would like to purchase.  It is fun to be announced as an author, take pictures with your friends and family and sign books.  What makes this project even more exciting is that we are truly trying to bless women by sharing our stories and thus, blessing God.

The following is a rough draft of what I believe the name of the book/series will be.  If anyone is an artist or knows a female artist that would be willing to do something for this project, please have them reach out to me at

Remember, the first book or two will have a variety of the following topics and then hopefully a series of each to follow:

Volume 1:  Marriage
Volume 2: Parenting
Volume 3: Illness
Volume 4: Addiction
Volume 5: Healthy Boundaries
Volume 6: Forgiveness
Volume 7: Self-Esteem
Volume 8: Grief
Volume 9: Fear
Volume 10: Control
Volume 11: Friendship
Volume 12: Anger
Volume 13: Sadness
Volume 14: Pride
Volume 15: False Idols – money, etc.
Volume 16: Abuse
Volume 17: Loss
Volume 18: The “D” Word
Volume 19: Infidelity
Volume 20: Are you using the Talents God has Given you?
Volume 21: Working to live or living to work?
Volume 22: Abundance or Scarcity Mindset

If you are interested in participating by sharing your story, please click the button below to review the guideline submissions and instructions for submission. I look forward to reading your story.