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Rose Colarossi
Home, Mind & Business

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On a mission to help empower women in their Home, Mind and Business, I have incorporated 25+ years of business ownership/entrepreneurship; experience, study and research; as well as multiple certifications, and I have developed a fully encompassed approach to Transforming Women’s Lives. TransformingHER addresses the daily struggles that women experience and gives sustainable solutions with a caring and non-judgmental approach!

TransformingHER Mind
Declutter your Negative Self-Talk, or what I call, Mind Clutter. Negative thinking such as: “I am not good enough”, “I am a failure,” as well as negative emotions, such as anxiety, overwhelm and stress, affect every aspect of our lives. I will address this during the 31-week challenge on my Private Facebook Group as well.

I facilitate a patented technique that will quickly, gently, yet effectively release negative thinking in 6 sessions or less over Zoom/Skype. A De-cluttered Mind will have a positive effect on your self-esteem, self-worth; your relationship with your spouse and children; and your business!

TransformingHER Business
If you are looking to grow your business, obtain new clients, make more money, you will learn how I utilized Business Networking and a Mindset Shift to sustain and grow my business to a net worth of $3M +. I have documented 10 years of observations as a networker, networking group facilitator, consultant, and speaker and I De-clutter the process for you! I work 1-on-1, hold workshops, and have a book being released in 2019! Change your Business Mindset in order to grow our business!

I promise I have been where you are now.

At Home, I have been married for over 25 years. I have four kids and two grandsons. I honestly wish that I could go back with the knowledge I have now as my HOME would not have been cluttered and would have allowed me a lot more time to focus on my kids and the things I enjoyed.

In Mind, I have negative mind chatter just like you, but now I have a technique that quickly releases it.

I have not one Business, but multiple businesses that I have built from the ground up, all with struggles and triumphs along the way.

When I say that I understand, I truly do. I come from a loving, non-judgmental place and truly want to help empower you, your home, your family, your mind and your business!

TransformingHER Home
Are you all caught up on the “Tidying Up” bandwagon? Have you been wanting to or have you tried for years to De-Clutter your HOME but end up not being able to achieve the results you want or perhaps are not able to maintain them?

I struggled to stay de-cluttered for years, and I can tell you it takes effort and mindset to de-clutter and it takes effort and mindset to maintain it. After studying the whole Mind/Space (or home) Connection, I put together a 31-week Declutter Plan (if you are ambitious, you can make it a 31-day). It has helped me, my clients, and it can help you too!

It will also address if and when you begin to feel overwhelmed, stressed and anxious! It addresses the common hurdles we face when trying to de-clutter. I will give you easy tools and techniques to use to not only de-clutter your HOME but also push through those negative feelings so that you can successfully transform your home!

Jump on my Private Facebook GROUP ( to participate in a FREE 31-Week TransformingHER Space De-clutter Plan each quarter, but you can join anytime. Click HERE to join the Private Facebook Group.

Each week I will talk about a specific Space in your HOME and how you can De-Clutter and Transform it using my "You Can DUIT!" technique. A de-cluttered Home will translate into a calmer, more peaceful home and will allow time for you to enjoy your life and those around you. It will also set up great habits for your children.

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