Hope Through Conversations Book Submission Guidelines

You do not need to layout your story the way you want it to look in the printed book. Our designer will layout the entire book for consistency. Please use the following guidelines.

  1. Write your topic with 2,000-3,000 words single spaced.

  2. Use Microsoft Word to draft and save your document.

  3. Margins: 1" all around.

  4. Font: Times New Roman in 12-pt font

  5. You may use Bold and Italics where desired (but try not to overdo it)

  6. Include the title of the story and your name on each page.

  7. Do not use page breaks.

  8. For new paragraphs, use a single return (no indents).

  9. For suheadings, create a space around them by using single return before and after the subheading.

  10. We will not use any art or graphics that you submit, so please do not submit them.

  11. Your bio should be no more than 200 words. Focus on your accomplishments, recognitions, and expertise.

  12. Include a Head Shot or High Resolution Image of yourself (High res = 300dpi)

  13. Include all contact information.

  14. Proof your work. Use Word's spell check and grammar features and reread your story several times to ensure it is correct and error-free.

If your story requires editing, you will receive your story for review prior to publication. You have only have one opportunity to make changes.

Thank you for sharing your story with Hope Through Conversations.

If you have any questions, please reach out by clicking HERE.