What if I told you that in 6 weeks or less … you can be FREE of anything that is holding you back from living a joyful, prosperous life and reaching new levels of success in your business?  Free of issues such as; Feeling Stuck, anxiety, stress, worry, chronic procrastination, feeling not good enough, self-sabotage, fear of failure, free of endless mind chatter, and more.


After working with women for over 25 years, I searched for something that could help my clients at a much deeper level. Although they were getting good results, there was something deep-seeded holding them back from being all that they could be. I finally came across the only modality created by a woman, designed specifically for a woman’s brain. After experiencing this modality for myself and having amazing results, I knew immediately that I needed to offer it to my clients.  I traveled across the world, twice, to be trained and certified in a complementary modality called Creatrix®. With over 150 Facilitators in 5 countries, and thousands of clients having incredible results.  I have been utilizing this technique with existing clients and the results have been nothing less than amazing!

So what exactly is Creatrix®?

  • A patented interactive visualization technique. If you can imagine a red apple and a green apple … YOU CAN DO THIS!
  • A closed-eyes process, but you are NOT hypnotized!
  • Rose facilitates YOU to reprogram YOUR limiting, false and negative beliefs so that you can move forward!
  • You do NOT need to re-tell your story or re-live any trauma! It is NOT counseling!  It is quick paced.
  • Rose will work with your list of issues, beliefs, or behaviors that you are struggling with or want to change!
  • You will have a new sense of self-worth and find renewed joy and focus in yourself, your relationships and your business!
  • Facilitated over Skype or Zoom so you can remain in the comfort of your own home or office!
  • Sessions are 90 minutes, once a week - for 6 weeks or less depending upon the woman!
  • Rose is passionate about helping women positively transform their lives and their businesses to new heights!

Take a moment and scroll on to read the following testimonials and watch the videos. If any of this resonates with you … If you are ready to move forward and get rid of whatever it is that is holding you back … I would love the
opportunity and honor of facilitating your transformation!  More videos are being edited and will be uploaded soon!