“After 20+ years working with business owners and entrepreneurs for , I began to see a pattern of self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors.  To better serve my clients, I researched and experienced several techniques and modalities to see which would be most effective, in the least amount of time because time is one of our most valuable assets. Creatrix® is by far the best solution for women who are looking to move forward and gain greater happiness and success!”

-Rose Colarossi

Creatrix® is a patented, closed-eye visualization technique created by a woman, specifically designed for a woman’s brain.  Sessions are conveniently facilitated over Zoom, so that you can stay in the comfort of your own home or office,

This technique is quick, effective and long-lasting.  In fact, it takes 6 sessions or less to release a life-time of emotions and even those inherited as proven through the study of Epigenetics. Negative emotions such as; Anxiety, Stress, Feeling “less than”, “Not Good Enough, Feeling Stuck, Imposter Syndrome, Unhealthy Relationships, Unhealthy Behaviors, Chronic Procrastination, Anger, Sadness, Not reaching goals and so much more. 

Once you clear these self-sabotaging limiting beliefs, the sky is the limit. You will feel lighter, empowered and ready to move forward in life, relationships and business!


We MUST put the oxygen mask on ourselves first in order to be our best version for those around us and for our business! Investing in ourselves is not self-serving or selfish it is SMART!

Most Effective. Least Time Consuming. Long Lasting.

Thank you to my awesome client for allowing me to share her experience. Did you hear her?

This is the MOST EFFECTIVE technique she has EVER experienced. It took the LEAST TIME and is LONG LASTING!

Give yourself 6 weeks (maybe less) to be the best version of YOU!


Invest in your well-being, make sure you are making time and room to grow and to create abundance.

Let’s prepare you for your ultimate success, we are what we think because we begin to believe what we think! Let me help you release those doubts, stresses, downers and more!

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