I Will Help You Visualize Your Best Self …


“After 20+ years working with business owners and entrepreneurs for , I began to see a pattern of self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors.  To better serve my clients, I researched and experienced several techniques and modalities to see which would be most effective, in the least amount of time because time is one of our most valuable assets. Creatrix® is by far the best solution for women who are looking to move forward and gain greater happiness and success!”

-Rose Colarossi

Creatrix® is a patented, closed-eye visualization technique created by a woman, specifically designed for a woman’s brain.  Sessions are conveniently facilitated over Zoom, so that you can stay in the comfort of your own home or office,

This technique is quick, effective and long-lasting.  In fact, it takes 6 sessions or less to release a life-time of emotions such as; Anxiety, Stress, Feeling “less than”, “Not Good Enough, Feeling Stuck, Imposter Syndrome, Unhealthy Relationships, Unhealthy Behaviors, Chronic Procrastination, Anger, Sadness, Not reaching goals and so much more. 

Once you clear these self-sabotaging limiting beliefs, the sky is the limit. You will feel lighter, empowered and ready to move forward in life, relationships and business!

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