Network Like A Millionaire

Rose Colarossi has been a business strategist for over 25 years.  She is a multi-business owner/entrepreneur.

In 2018 after opening their first restaurant franchise, Rose and her family felt the blows of the stock market crash and then internet credit card fraud.  Networking helped sustain and grow Rose's net worth by 3x to $3 million dollars.  Rose founded and facilitated a networking group in North Dallas for 10 years.  She then began sharing her observations and learnings with others in workshops and client consults.  Rose has now finished her book entitled, Network Like A Millionaire due to release Q1 2019!

A behaviorist at heart, Rose watched from A to Z, from Presence to Posture, Hand Shake to Elevator Pitches what worked and what did not.  If you are currently networking and not yielding the results you would like or are ready to triple your net worth or if you are a recent graduate ... invest and work one-on-one with Rose.