Business Consulting


Rose is a business and life strategist, a multi-business owner/entrepreneur/solopreneur, coach, consultant, author, inspirational speaker, and a networking facilitator. 

With over 25+ years of experience, Rose has been helping business owners and entrepreneurs/solopreneurs catapult their businesses to new levels of success. Rose will work with you in identifying your needs and goals.  She will then put together a strategy to help elevate your business and increase ROI!  

"We cannot do this alone.  I understand firsthand the needs and the struggles that women in business face.  If I can drive home one important lesson it would be that the most successful people in business are those who invest in coaches and consultants." 

Rose was nominated as Female Entrepreneur of the Year by Addison Magazine in North Dallas in 2016 and has won multiple business awards over the years.  She has sat on the Board for several non-profit agencies and women’s groups. She is a member of several Chamber of Commerce in her area.