What is Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT)?

AFT was created by Dr. Benjamin Perkus. He incorporate Young Living Oils into his practice and saw the power of aromatherapy. He came up with this technique that is extremely powerful in releasing negative emotions and affirming our intentions.

Sometimes when we're trying to push our energy forward, we get stuck in fear or anxiety and that can often be linked to a memory, even when we don't realize it! Through AFT and essential oils we have a mindshift and are able to get rid of the sticky memory and move forward. 

The Aroma Freedom Technique is a step-by-step process designed to be learned and used by anyone who wants more freedom in their life.  It is an entirely new approach to aromatherapy, one that uses the power of pure essential oils to instantly and irresistibly shift a person's mental state, mood, and ability to take positive action.  Through this process you will learn how to identify what you really want in life, what is blocking you, and how to release these blocks in a matter of minutes.  Then, you learn a daily practice to keep you on track. 


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— Mark Stuertz, The Word Jockey