AFT Vision Board Workshops


Vision boards are a wonderful way to help train your mind into focusing on what you really would like to receive. Science has proven that when we write our goals and dreams down and then see them on a daily basis, we are more likely to find opportunities in which to make them a reality! Plus ... it is a time to unplug and have some fun!  We must take the time to relax, refresh and recharge!

I have been taking the power of Vision Boards  to a whole new level by first having my clients release whatever it is that is telling them that they cannot reach those goals or dreams.  Then, when they have set their intentions and affirmed them ... they go on to create vision boards like never before!

The Aroma Freedom Technique or AFT is used to set a person's emotional energy flowing in a positive direction, towards growth and expansion! It utilizes Young Living Essential Oils to trigger a permanent shift in how we view ourselves and the world. You can use this to set a personal, professional or health goal/dream/vision!

Rose Colarossi, founder of TransformingHER, is a certified Aroma Freedom Practitioner and a certified Visualization Practitioner. Rose will guide you to set your intention/goal/dream and set an affirmation utilizing Young Living Essential Oils. 

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You will be relaxed, recharged and ready to create your dream/goal/vision board.

All of your materials for your Aroma Freedom Technique including essential oils, as well as all materials for your vision board are provided. Feel free to bring your own magazines and craft materials if you would like.

"I believe in vision boards and creating the most incredible visions/goals/dreams that you can because ultimately... you become what you surround yourself with and what you believe!" Rose Colarossi