Hi, I'm Rose!


After 25 years of business consulting and coaching, as well as being a multi-business owner/entrepreneur, winning various awards, being featured in magazines, radio and TV, and as a Public Speaker on Topics that Matter to Women ,  I understand firsthand the struggles that women experience in both business and in life. I also started to see a pattern with the women I worked with. Even though they were intelligent, amazing women … they were getting in their own way of success and happiness.

I, myself, had hit a place where I felt stuck because I did not know how to help my clients at a deeper level. A behaviorist at heart, I researched and learned that it was limiting beliefs causing anxiety, stress, worry, fear of failure, fear of success, and that feeling of being stuck!

I found several modalities that claimed to help but it wasn’t until I experienced a visualization technique that was created by a woman and specifically designed for a woman’s brain that I found relief and immediately knew that I needed to be trained and certified in order to bring this technique to my clients.

I flew across the world twice to bring this technique back to the United States. This technique is being facilitated in 7 countries but I am the first Facilitator in the United States. My business, my relationships, and my happiness have never been better.  It has also helped my clients elevate their businesses, their relationships, and their lives quickly, gently and effectively.  

All other modalities out there are designed by men.  No wonder they do not last on when used on women.  Don't wait ... take action and make your life & business the best that it can be!


As noted above, along with my passion for helping empower women and being a successful coach and consultant, I am also a Multi-Business Owner/Entrepreneur, an Author, Motivational Speaker, Radio Show host and a Networking Facilitator. I have appeared on several television news shows and radio, and have been featured in several magazine articles. I even had a speaking role in a local film and was the "woman's specialist" for the pilot of a woman's talk show!

I was nominated as Female Entrepreneur of the Year by Addison Magazine in North Dallas in 2016 and have won multiple awards over the years.  

I volunteer and supports many non-profit organizations. I have been married for 27 years, have four children and two grandsons. I love teaching 4 year-olds every Sunday and am very involved with Tres Dias organization.



Rose is the best-selling author of two books:
Behind Her Brand: Entrepreneur Edition Vol. 1
Dare To Be A Difference Maker: Volume 6


How Rose’s Best Friend Describes HER

Rose has never met a stranger.  The minute you meet her, she makes you feel as though you have been friends forever.  That is because she truly cares … about everyone! People truly fascinate her and she loves meeting new people.  If you are out with her, just succumb to the fact that people will naturally talk to her.  Rose is originally from New York.  Her and her family have lived in Dallas for over twenty years and that is where we met.  She has four grown children, two grandsons, and a beloved rescue dog.   Rose has a gift of looking at a business and immediately coming up with ideas for improving productivity and sales.  In fact, she cannot shut it off no matter where she goes.

Rose is extremely understanding and non-judgmental regarding whatever it is someone is going through or has experienced. In fact, she was probably right where you are at now -- at some point in her life -- or she knows someone that was (because I am telling you, she knows everyone) .  She actually started her consulting and coaching business after years of helping women in business for free because she simply wanted to see them succeed.  That is Rose.  She is a woman's woman, a 2am friend, smart as a whip, a big-picture thinker and an amazing encourager and promoter of others. She has a heart for those less-fortunate and dedicates her time and money to multiple non-profits.  She may seem too-good-to-be-true at first glance, however, I guarantee she is the real deal.