My Personal Life

Apart from running businesses I am also a mother and wife. Therefore, I understand the busy life of a woman who has a home to take care of and a professional career to run. My work is heavily focused on helping women breakthrough obstacles they might encounter in life, and in their business. Apart form my business and home life, I enjoy taking time to work on myself and enjoy taking a part of my favorite hobbies. From paddle boarding, yoga, to getting a cup of coffee with my friends, I always make sure to make time for myself and the people around me.

Hey There, Welcome To My Website!

Hey there Im so glad you are here, my name is Rose Colarossi. I have built this website in order to help YOU. Navigating life can be difficult, that’s why I am here to help you get through the obstacles it may present. Whether they are in life or business, I am here to share the knowledge I have gathered in my personal and professional life with you.

My Professional Career

As a Multi-Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Business Strategist and Mindset Coach I understand the struggles that Entrepreneurs endure on a daily basis. From starting businesses from scratch to building franchises in a new city to starting my online coaching businesses … I have seen it all.  I have had massive successes and yes, some failures but, failing teaches us what NOT to do the next time. Therefore I have created this website for YOU, the aspiring entrepreneur, multi-business owner, or the woman or man who feels stuck in life. I will be sharing keys and tools for success and much more, that will help you achieve your goals. The Business Industry is a broad one that is always changing, one should always pay attention to what everyone is doing in order to achieve their goals.

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